2021 / 02 / 23

UfiSpace Provides More Flexibility and Choices for TIP's DCSG Ecosystem

New Taipei, Taiwan, February 23, 2021 - UfiSpace announced that their DCSG compliant SKU, the S9500-22XST is now available on the TIP Exchange for the TIP community to conduct integrations, initiating lab, field trials and more.

“With this new addition to our DCSG product family, we are happy to be contributing it to the TIP community. This was the culmination of countless discussions with our customers and the experience gained from working on TIP projects as well as live deployments, to come up with a solution to bring more flexibility and variation for DCSG deployments.” – Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace.

Being part of the same family as their current S9500-30XS, this new model (S9500-22XST) will utilize the same ASIC (Broadcom Qumran AX) and the same CPU (Intel Broadwell-DE). The hardware timing features would also remain the same with full SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 support as well as maintaining all the timing ports (GNSS, 1PPS, 10M, ToD, and BITS). Using the same chip, CPU, and timing features means less effort for NOS vendors to include this model into their solution repertoire as well. UfiSpace has already completed integration with many of their NOS partners.

“IP Infusion supports the addition of the new cost-optimized DCSG platform from UfiSpace, that will deliver more flexibility to operators and the TIP community for 5G deployments. Our scalable network operating system, OcNOS®, when running on the UfiSpace portfolio enables seamless migration and quick product roll-out, while expanding service port composition.” - Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion.

So, what are the major differences between the S9500-22XST and its predecessor? The S9500-22XST provides a wider range of compatibility to legacy and next-gen BBU equipment, including 4x1G RJ45, 8x10G SFP+, 8x25G SFP28, and 2x100G QSFP28 service ports. Aside from more port variation, UfiSpace also managed to reduce the max power consumption by over 25%. Therefore, the S9500-22XST would provide more opportunities for telecoms using legacy equipment to adopt disaggregated and open network solutions such as those developed at TIP.

“As our DCSG gains momentum from the network operators, increasing flexibility and choices will be the upmost importance to foster adoption open and disaggregated network architectures. We are glad to see UfiSpace contributing their new DCSG design to the TIP community. DCSG not only enables our evolution to high capacity networks for 5G, but also allows the integration with current deployments. This helps us to broaden our DCSG deployments.” - Victor Lopez, network evolution and virtualization architect at Telefonica and co-chair of OOPT group at TIP.

For more information about UfiSpace’s S9500-22XST, please visit the TIP Exchange or visit UfiSpace’s website. UfiSpace also has a blog article that introduces the potential applications for the S9500-22XST.